Working Styles

One’s work force can be clearly classified, according to personality and mentality analysis, as administration oriented, relation oriented, goal oriented, integration oriented, or reverse-operation oriented.

By knowing about work patterns, one may easily find a suitable job to bring his talent into work.

Goal Oriented

You are goal oriented, striving hard towards an established goal. You have strong self-consciousness, uneasy to be persuaded. You are keen to face-saving, serious about images, not willing to say no

Possible career paths for you: jobs that have challenges, business oriented, or need leaderships.

Integration Oriented

You are integration oriented, easily accepting new things as well as ideas. You have multiple thinking ability, integrating things well and adjusting yourself well; thus, you can survive in every environments.

Possible career paths for you: information analyst, service consultant.

Reverse-Operation Oriented

You are reverse-operation oriented. With the critical thinking ability, you are good at expression and logical reasoning. You like to search for differences and similarities among groups.

Possible career paths for you: advertisement executives, jobs that need creativity.

Relation Oriented

You are relation oriented, valuing interactions between others. You, a good listener, give no pressure to others, easily devote yourself enthusiastically, but are simply affected by emotions.

Possible career paths for you: counselors, public representatives .

Administration Oriented

You are administration oriented at your work, devoting yourself to regular busy routine work, not liking to make changes. You are less active at work, knowing what to do when told.

Possible career paths for you: administrators.

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