Applied in Enterprises


New Staff Selection and Recruitment

When needing to find a suitable new staff, the human resource department should think over at the beginning of an interview; if thorough consideration is not made, a law issue concerning about unemployment is unavoidable.

People tend to exaggerate their abilities or hide their conflicting characteristics against the position they want to apply; that is a huge problem HR representatives usually have to deal with, and find out hiring the wrong person afterwards. However, one’s specialties, values and individual characteristics will be sort out for a particular job with dermatoglyphics identification.

Staff Deployment

Having the right person in the right position helps staff bring their talent into practice as well as coining the best achievements for a company.

Dermatoglyphics assists individuals, their supervisors, even the HR department in knowing different staff’s ’ intelligence and characteristics which can be gathered as database for the most reasonable resource distribution, placing every staff in an appropriate position.

It also helps them solve problems as well as mapping out their future ways, encouraging everyone to do what he is good at which benefits both himself and the firm.


Using dermatoglyphics identification to analyze one’s characteristics helps employees understand themselves as well as understood by their boss and subordinates; then, seek for the most appropriate communication model to boost morale and work efficiency.

Moreover, dermatoglyphics identification can match with diverse HR systems, such as interview or job preference evaluation systems, to avoid making subjective judgments. Briefly the science of dermatoglyphics has great advancement, providing entrepreneurs with a great choice.

Transferring and Promotion

Many organizations usually make wrong decisions that transfer or promote employees according to their skill or experience. Many people start to learn how to become a leader after taking the position, but disregard leadership strength is naturally born.

Some people who are very good at carrying things out are only suitable to work independently; some do not like to become leaders and some cannot be leaders. It is essential for a leader to know that cooperation among members is the most crucial element to trigger team spirit .

One’s leadership style, interpersonal relationship skills and goal-oriented aptitude can be sorted out by the science of dermatoglyphics. Using this, companies can find out the most potential candidates for management positions according to cooperate culture and need.

Besides, if a professional group is needed, the perfect group members can be selected by dermatoglyphics identification for manpower


Organization Development

Different people make different cooperate culture. If there are many people believing genial is everything within a company, the atmosphere there will be friendly without productive output.

Based on strategies of a cooperative, with dermatoglyphics identification, the most suitable company people can be sorted out for various positions to raise work efficiency and become competitive.

Training and Development

Does spending much money for staff training really attain the expected value? Why do some people increase their output after staff training, but some don’t? Is it because on the training itself or the crews?

Dr. Buckingham and Dr. Chifton indicate in Business Life 8 that according to Poll Center, that those of two Hundred staff taking poll, who “extremely agree” having opportunities of bringing their talent into work, attain better output, loyal clients and steady staffs.

In another word, placing everyone of the staff in the right position and giving him time learning will make those people fulfill themselves in that one’s talented field is his best learning environment; one’s ability cannot be triggered only by training with lack of potential gift.

With dermatoglyphics identification, applicants’ specialties, values and characteristics can be detected. Evaluating employees’ intelligence and ability is the first step to find out if they are placed in wrong positions or their gifted simply cannot be fulfilled. Then, particular training courses are necessities, which are worth investing to raise productive output..

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