Applied in Opposite Sex Relationship

Opposite sex relationship has been existing since Adam met Eve and it is still a popular topic after things have changed with the passing of years to this modern world today.

Love can be a fairy tale, but not marriage. Why? Love may not lead to marriage, it can be romantic and unreal, but a marriage is a real life that includes challenges and difficulties.

We are not marriage consultants so that it is meaningless for us to take marriage relationship into deliberation; however, we are interested in figuring out the impact of humanity on opposite sex relationship.

When a couple is going to get married, the elderly will usually eager to know if he or she makes a good match to each other through Chinese astrology. Also, there are a large variety of books and magazines about horoscopes as well as future telling, discussing the matching possibility.

Those cannot be indicated as wrong ways to find out a perfect relation, but literally, one’s personality, thoughts and values are the essence in a relationship.

Dermatoglyphics is a scientific way to understand one’s personality and thinking which influenced by genes which are not easily changed. Do you feel that this is a Janus-faced world?

Many people superficially show one side of themselves to the public but having another side deeply in their own mind; of course, there are some people sincerely show their real self without hiding anything.

The science of dermatoglyphics is used to tell those people apart.

That one understands more about himself clearly knows more about what he really wants. For instance, a polite person may stay polite to avoid conflicts with others at work, which does not show his own opinions; a rational person is hard to cooperate with an emotional person.

When two persons are seeing each other, they always want to give good impressions, acting differently than usual but may show up the real them eventually.

People attract each other because of their admiring characteristics; however, to continue the attraction towards marriage needs acceptance and endurance between themselves.

Marriage is no fairy tale and it is only self- understanding as well as understanding the partner leads to a harmony relationship. Without wrong expectation, no one will feel lost. Do you agree so?

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