Learning Styles

Characteristics of Visual Learner

     Recognize words by how they look.

     Remember faces but forget names

     Learn best by associating pictures with the words or concepts being used.

     Learn best by Easily distracted by movement or action in classroom

     They may not prefer to learn in study groups.

     They tend to like to work alone in quiet room.

     pictures with the words or concepts being used

Characteristics of Auditory Learner

     Learn by listening to verbal instructions

     Easy to remember names but forget faces

     Often do well working out solutions or problems by talking them out

      Distracted by noise and often need to work where it is relatively quiet.

     find yourself reading aloud instead of reading silently

     Talking to yourself or repeating instructions to make sure you understand them.

Characteristics of Kinesthetic Learner

     Learn by physically involved and actually doing something.

     "Hands-on" activity is needed to grasp the learning

     Get distracted by light and temperature

     Learn well with Practical experiments, Activities, Art and acting.

     They also may listen to music while learning or studding

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